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The Institute of St Philip Neri is unique in two ways: it is the first German foundation which offers the Mass exclusively in the Extraordinary Form, and it relies solely on private support (be it financial or otherwise). The overwhelmingly positive response to the Institute’s request for assistance came as quite a surprise, and was joyfully received. In Germany, a special “church tax” ordinarily provides for the essential needs of parishes and dioceses. Since the Institute is directly responsible to the Holy See it falls outside this system. This means, however, that it is unable to benefit from receiving church tax. Therefore, it is still necessary to achieve financial consolidation, so that the Institute may focus more freely on its religious mission. We welcome all forms of support.

  • First and foremost: please pray for the Institute and its work. This is essential, and a service which everyone can offer.
  • Donations: no donation is too large or too small. We are particularly grateful for regular donations.
  • Links: if you have a blog or website, please consider linking to our homepage.
  • Contact us: if you would like to know more about the Institute, please get in touch [email address].
  • Visit us: visitors are always welcome! See Visit for further details.
  • Spread the word: help us to spread the news of our work further afield.

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