Plans for the future

In a city like Berlin the opportunities for pastoral care, evangelization, and theological study and education are great. In addition, there is vast potential to establish contacts with a variety of cultural and political spheres.

Pastoral Care

The opportunities for pastoral work in Berlin are virtually limitless. There is a great need for catechesis and spiritual guidance. Preparing young people for Confirmation and Holy Communion, and supporting adults who wish to know their faith more profoundly, are important aspects of our work. The elderly and sick are awaiting spiritual consolation and the administering of the Sacraments. Too many lack the comfort of the Last Rites at the decisive hour of death.

Intellectual Challenges

In the current political and social climate people are seeking philosophically and theologically sound guidance. The growing presence of Islam, particularly in Berlin, demands priests with expert knowledge, in order to instruct the faithful and to explore ways of proclaiming the Faith to Muslim believers. Furthermore, the celebration of the traditional Roman liturgy excites interest in the old rites both of West and East – this is another possible field of study for priests at the Institute.


The Institute has been successful in establishing good links with our local bishop, His Eminence Cardinal Sterzinsky. In addition we have friendly contact with priests in the diocese and beyond. We hope to extend these links further still.


Work has already begun on accommodation and facilities for retreats.

Financial consolidation

It is still necessary to achieve financial consolidation, so that the Institute may focus more freely on its religious mission.

Church Organ

At present, the excellent quality of our church music is sadly not matched by the quality of our (digital) organ. We believe that the best and most economical solution would be to acquire a used or redundant English church organ.

Growth and Development

At present the Institute is limited to Berlin, but with a growing number of priests, foundations could be established in other German cities or pilgrimage destinations. In due course it is conceivable that they might even be established abroad.

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